Perverted Normativity (2023)

This sculpture series explores the different degrees of access to cognitive experience by deconstructing the layers of vision based on blindsight manifestation.

Kinoki Splitting (2023)

Drawing series based on the relationship between the perception of movement and the use of neologisms in different languages.

Teenagram (2023)

This sculpture series interprets various drawings by Johannes Evangelista Purkinje into glass and iron objects

I Modé Meté Modé (2022-2023)

This project’ focuses on the neural pathology of glossolalia through the experiences of Hélene Smith and the flamenco melody of bamberas.

Al-Blanco in a suit and tie is singing a bamberaAl-Blanco in a suit and tie is singing a bambera
Mathematical Immanence (2022)

Paco Hidalgo dances with an motor and vocal accentuation provoked by motor apraxia and Wernicke's aphasia.

Soliloquium (2017-2019)

This project is based on the clinical phenomenology that defines visual agnosia.

Transparency (2019)

Vinyl intervention on wall

PHNMNLG (2019)

Sculpture series based on deconstructing visual perception

A Special Form of Darkness (2017)

This sculpture series interprets four drawings by Santiago Ramón y Cajal into glass and methacrylate objects

Post-Contingent Coherence (2016)

A pianist suffering from anosognosia interprets the Nocturne 55 in F minor by Frédéric Chopin with a transparent piano

The Cinètract Archive (2015)

An archive of the original cinètracts made during May 68' and contemporary proposals of renewing this audiovisual format.

Requiem for a Physical Manifestation of a Cause (2015)

Installation made with glass reflective and transparent panels intervened with contradictory logic mathematical formulas.

Revolutionary Fire (2015)

Photographic series on the union of utopian and dystopian aesthetic motifs of the 70's of the 20th century

a black and white photo of a building with a large towera black and white photo of a building with a large tower
Return of Class Power and Privilege (2013)

Drawing series on transcribing into programming electronic language some passages from Das Kapital by Karl Marx